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 is now accepting applications
for the 2019 season.

full self emergence
27-week Work Study Program

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Come join us in a thriving spiritual community
in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains!

Within every person is a creative spirit, passionate to emerge—with unbounded creativity,
vitality and joy, and compassion for other people—it is in every one of us.

So what stops that spirit from coming forth? All too often, people believe the negative messages they receive from the world around them. They come to believe the limiting stories told by the people in their lives and by the surrounding culture. They believe that it is too risky to be who they really are. And they lose faith in the power of their creative spirit.

Full Self Emergence is a 27-week residential program at Sunrise Ranch. It is for people who have awakened to the creative spirit within them and who are ready to let it out. The program is designed to share the enlightened knowledge of the transformational process that frees people to be fully themselves. It allows the participant to shed any limiting patterns of thought and belief they have absorbed from the world around them.

The Sunrise Ranch community forms the compassionate crucible in which
full self emergence takes place.

 We live in a time when people are awakening and the very heart and soul of Planet Earth is experiencing a rebirth. Fresh ideas and new technology abound. The heart of humanity is deepening. And a new vision of our future is inspiring people across the globe. In culture and society—and individually for each person—for something new to be born, something else has to fall away.

Rebirth happens in the midst of disintegration. This is the way of the phoenix. Virtually everyone finds themselves surrounded by this phenomenon. But it is not only happening outside of us. As human beings, it is transpiring in our own personal experience. For some, struggle pervades their lives. And for others, the spirit of rebirth brings new adventure and fulfillment. What do you want to birth into your life?

Sunrise Ranch is a teaching and demonstration site
for primal spirituality and conscious living. 

It is a place for learning, personal development and thriving community. A place for
the implementation of enlightened thinking and enlightened technology.
And a place to pioneer a new relationship with Planet Earth and the natural world.
Sunrise Ranch teaches primal spirituality—the spirituality that human beings are born with, and that ideally blossoms and grows as a person matures.

 Attunement_school_1.23_RESIZED ART-OF-LIVING-2013_RESIZED Opening 2012 class with Art
At Sunrise Ranch, people offer their own contribution to what is being born in the world 
and in themselves. It is a place where the fullness of who they are on the
inside is expressed on the outside. A place for 
Full Self Emergence.


What the Program Includes
Participate in the spiritual learning of the Sunrise Ranch Community.

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Monday Core Power Sessions:
Sessions for men and women
Body-centered spiritual practices
Teachings that present an enlightened understanding
of the process of full self emergence
Transformation groups

 Joel Salatin at the Dome at Sunrise Ranch
Weekly Services
Healing Chant
Spiritual Dialogue Sessions

rsz_2sparks_2013-09-26_102531    rsz_ruth_and_group_2013-09-26_102403
Weekly Individual Coaching
 (with an experienced member of the Sunrise Ranch Core Staff)

Weekly reading and journaling about spiritual topics

Transformational 4-day-long Intensives
Primal Spirituality 1: Blessing and Understanding
Primal Spirituality 2: Taking Action and Fulfilling Mission
Primal Spirituality 3: Enlightened Thinking and Courage
Primal Spirituality 4: Grace

Weekly Individual Attunements  
Attunement Training

Attunement is an experience of deep stillness, vibrational healing
and spiritual transformation.

Work Pattern
Participants make an important contribution to the operation
and development of Sunrise Ranch.  Each applicant's interests and
the community's needs are considered for the internship work pattern.

Areas of work include: Organic Farm and Greenhouses/ Ranching and Animal Husbandry /
Conference and Retreat Center / Gardening / Landscaping  / Publications /
Administration / Marketing / Property Management / Maintenance

" Work is love made visible." — Khalil Gibran
the gate
The philosophy of Sunrise Ranch is to honor Universal Being in all of Creation 
and most importantly in ourselves. This philosophy is the foundation of the 
Full Self Emergence Program.  

If you feel ready to walk a path that lets the fullness of your spirit come forth, and you desire to engage in an environment where that is welcomed, we invite you to consider 
Full Self Emergence.
 Loveland Colorado Drum Circle

The 2019 program is 27 weeks long, beginning Monday, March 25
and ending Friday, September 27, 2019
Accepted participants are asked to arrive on March 21, 2019.


Fee Structure
The tuition for this program is the work exchange. Interns will receive a monthly stipend of $250. A deposit of $150 for credit and services is required upon acceptance. The $150 for credit and services will be refunded (less any amounts owed Emissaries of Divine Light) within 60 days of the residency termination at Sunrise Ranch. Families are welcome to participate in the program together. The cost of accommodation for children is
$100 per child per month.
Sunrise Ranch offers food and accommodation as a part of the program.

The deadline for submitting your application is March 4, 2019.
Applications submitted after March 4 will be considered based
on remaining availability and on a case-by-case basis.



27 weeks

March 25- September 27

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Sunrise ranch

360 acres

Loveland, Colorado

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Internal Process

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Big Potential


A New You!

antonio rillera

David KarchereSpiritual Director
The Full Self Emergence Program is this amazing opportunity for people from all walks of life who are awakening to what their life is really about.

We have people coming from many different countries—people young and old and in between. People in their twenties, who have a passionate vision for themselves and the world. And people who have had successful professional careers, who are now ready to enter the next chapter of their lives.

Community 2009
People who complete the program find a clearer vision for themselves and a deeper understanding of their personal mission. They see the value of the contribution they have to make with people. They feel a deeper attunement with the spiritual wellspring within them. And being immersed in a joyful community experience, they feel a deep connection with others.

Most of all, they feel the joy of being more fully,
and more confidently, themselves.

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Submit your resume along with two reference letters

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Our executive staff requires all applicants to provide a resume and two reference letters from non-relatives before review of any application. If you do not have them at this moment, you can still fill out your application and submit them within a few days.



Interview & Acceptance

Once all your documents are ready for review, our executive staff will consider your application and may potentially schedule you for an interview. That is it! After that, it may be time to pack up and get
over to Sunrise Ranch! See you in March!


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